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7 March 2014

Heavy Support: Predator

Another unit kindly provided by Bob, the Machine Spirit guiding this tank isn't very happy with me (or should I say- it wasn't!). Having managed to break off both Sponson mounted Las-Cannons my only battle tank wasn't in a suitable state to be painted up and take it place on the battlefield. Randomly, a couple of weeks ago I saw a cheap Pin Vice (and drill bits with matching sized set of magnets) on eBay so I dropped £6 on it without really having any plan as to what I was going to use the tool/magnets for. Turns out that the magnets are a perfect fit (to the millimetre!) when used for re-attaching the Las-Cannons to their mounts. I have to say I am very impressed by the size vs strength ratio of the tiny magnets and can't wait to use them on other units!

After feeling pretty chuffed about fixing the weapons I figured that I would tackle this unit next. Below is a 'before' pic. At time of photographing the unit had been sprayed with The Fang and Airbrushed with Russ Grey.


And here is the 'after' pics. I really enjoyed painting this model. I'm really happy with the magnetised weapons and have picked up a couple of sponson Heavy Bolters, which will be magnetised to give me more options when building lists.