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16 March 2020

Sylvaneth Arch Revenant

Swiftly on the heels of the Spite Revenants, I moved on to the new, exclusive (at the time) Arch-Revenant from Looncurse. Again I got the chance to experiment with Contrast... and it turned out rather well I think!

Lets go through the steps:

Aethermatic Blue/Contrast Medium.

Blaguebearer Flesh/Contrast Medium.

Caliban Green then shaded with Wyldwood.

Loren Forest highlighted with Straken Green. Contrast Warp lightning was then applied and shaded with Ork Flesh.

Sprite wings
Undercoated Grey Seer then airbrushed Aethermatic Blue, Plague Bearer Flesh, Akhelion Green. Finally, Grey Seer was then drybrushed.

Spite chitin
Undercoated Grey Seer then painted Terradon Turquoise. A washed mix of Aethermtic Blue/Akhelian Green/Contrast Medium was then applied. This was then highlighted by drybrushing Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue.

Runes and blade
AirbrushedBaharroth blue and white.

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