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3 July 2017


This set was a purchase made at Salute this year. It's a simple MDF terrain pack so was very cheap! They've come out quit well too.

My aim was to paint these in a colour scheme which matched the design of the fences without being too bright or complicated to paint. I chose a heavily weathered dark red scheme which contains large areas where the metal underneath was showing.

The fences were primed with Vallejo Black Primer. Warplock Bronze was then airbrushed over each piece. I wanted to gain further experience with a technique designed for heavily worn metals where the surface layer of paint had been worn away. This is achieved with hair spray! Once the Warlock Bronze was dried I applied a layer of varnish before several layers of cheap supermarket hairspray.

Once the hairspray had dried I airbrushed Khorne Red over each piece. When this had dried I used a damp brush to loosen the paint and hairspray (as its water based) underneath thus exposing the bronze... aka the bear metal. It's at this point I was presented with a slight problem with my choice of colours - the bronze is too similar to the red so it wasn't as evident that the paint had been worn away!

Once I had finished exposing the bronze paint I applied a layer of varnish to seal/protect the paint. Next up I brushed rust coloured weathering pigment into various areas of each fence. Again this proved as a good learning experience of weathering powders. This was then fixed in place with Vallejo Pigment Binder. 

After the Pigment Binder had dried I lightly drybrushed Leadbelcher along the raised edges of each piece to further enhance the appearance that the fences are metal.

Then, to simulate the build up of dust on the model I mixed up a very diluted solution of Steel Legion Drab and earth coloured pigments and applied 2 coats of this along the lower part of each fence.

Finally, I drybrushed Nercon Compound around the exposed (bronze) areas of each fence in order to highlight the worn away paint.

Next up I'll be working on some small pieces of battlefield furniture.