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10 September 2016

Damn You GW!

1 week from today I will be getting married... and as a result, finances have been rather tight. Which is fine; weddings and honeymoons cost money but are once in a lifetime events so should do!

But then GW go and put the Angels Blade up for pre-order today. Thanks GW*sigh*

Now, I'm not usually one for 'collectors editions' but if there was ever going to be one that I would buy, its this one. So... yeah, this morning I jumped on the GW webstore and placed an order. Oops!

Luckily my soon to be wife is very understanding and supportive of my hobbying so didn't get upset at this rather costly purchase just before our nuptials.

Result :)

I'll maybe do a post covering the contents once I'm back from Honeymoon.