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7 February 2014

Elite: Dreadnought II

eBay is a wonderful thing especially when it comes to GW! Their prices make my wallet weep so eBay helps reduce the cost of this rather expensive hobby! This particular dreadnought was my first eBay GW purchase and it cost about £10. It is a fairly basic model, coming from an older boxed set I think, and didn't come with any extra weapons however with a bit of blutac placed within the arm sockets I can easily interchange with the weapons from the Venerable Dreadnought kit (model shown in a previous post) so there are options if needed.

I'm happy with the painting standard I achieved on this model. I don't know how often I will use this unit in my lists as my Dreadnoughts seem to have been replaced by Devastator Centurions; however I do want to paint all of my models and I am trying to work through my army based on the length of time the models have been sat half painted in my Battelfoam case. Alongside painting this unit I also forced myself to paint all the weapon options (Las Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Assault Cannon and a further Close Combat arm) that came with the Venerable Dreadnought so that I could close the book on my Dreadnought painting sound in the knowledge that I can, if needed, change the weapons as required... and they would be all shiny and painted.

Next up is another eBay purchase- a squad of Assault Marines. This unit is currently sat on my painting station half painted, and sporting a few conversions. I'm looking forward to getting the squad finished so keep you eyes peeled for my new update!